Exhibitor of the Week

Karl Mason sent his wife a message on Facebook one Friday requesting a G&T when he got home from work. This simple comment picture of masons bottleled to friends posting pictures of them having G&T’s, so he created a group to share the pictures. The group went viral, and within 12 months he had 10,000 followers. It wasn’t long before gin companies started knocking on his door with free samples to promote to his audience. This led to Karl trying the majority of gins available and coming to the conclusion that too many of the newly launched gins tasted the same. “Could I do better and create a new gin that really is that different?”, he thought. He took that thought and set about on the second part of this great journey, which has included national and regional TV, radio and press coverage, as well as a showcase at the British ambassador’s Paris residence.

So does no experience, a passion for a good Gin & Tonic, and social media make launching your own gin brand easy? Definitely not, it took a lot of time and hard work, but the end result is Masons Yorkshire Gin, and we think it’s worth it.

Masons distillery is in the small market town of Bedale in North Yorkshire. The Gin was launched on World Gin Day 2013 but it took until 2014 before they acquired their own 300 litre still (called Steve), which was handmade in Portugal. The gin is distilled using the traditional London dry gin method with a larger percentage of heads and tails discarded to ensure a smoother flavour. A unique botanical mix of juniper, coriander seeds, almond oil, schezuan pepper, bay leaf, fennel seeds, cardamom pods, lemon, lime and orange peel produce the flavour and it is cut back to bottling strength using Harrogate Spring water. Each 70cl bottle is hand signed off by either Karl or Cathy Mason and bears its own batch and bottle number.