Wine Tasting Schedule

You may, of course, want to taste as much wine as possible, but if there is a particular type of wine you prefer then make a note of when it’s being served and don’t miss the opportunity to learn more from the experts at Brothers’ Sandringham Food FestivalWines!

We’re planning on doing 2 different tastings over the weekend (each one 4 times), the first will be New World Wines and the second will be Old World Wines, each will include a tasting of 3-4 wines. There will be a 30 minute gap between the tastings (so one at 12, one at 1.30, one at 3, one at 4.30) to allow people to have a chat and place any orders before the next people come in.


12pm Italian Pinot 12pm Rosé
1.00pm Mighty Merlot 1.00pm Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc
2.00pm Rosé 2.00pm Mighty Merlot
3.00pm Kiwi Sauvignon Blanc 3.00pm Italian Pinot
4.00pm Big Bold Aussie Shiraz 4.00pm Big Bold Aussie Shiraz