The Baker Brothers (Sunday)

Baker Brothers at Sandringham Food Festival

Henry Herbet

2010 saw Henry appear in the Great British Menu on BBC2 where he competed against other talented chefs toaker Brothers at Nottingham Food Festival create exciting and sumptuous dishes.  Since then he has also appeared in several episodes of Market Kitchen on the Good Food network. A graduate from Westminster Catering College and a 5th generation baker, Henry is passionate about carefully sourced, good quality seasonal ingredients. He feels very strongly about English heritage and preserving all this country has to offer but has often been forgotten. Reviving old recipes is all part of his mission to restore the food culture in Britain.
During his time as Head Chef of Clerkenwell’s award winning pub, The Coach & Horses, Henry not only carefully selected small suppliers with whom he
could develop a personal relationship, but used their produce to maximum effect by way of using every part with little waste. This style of cooking helped
to develop a unique menu where the whole of edible nature was celebrated to the full.
2010 was a defining year for Henry as he got married, bought a home in the Cotswolds and left his beloved pub. Pursuing his desire to experience other
cultures, Henry travelled to India and lived there for two months.  Upon his return, Henry to turned his hand to a new trade and now fronts a butcher’s shop, which specialises in charcuterie. He feels it is about time the British butcher had a shake up and wake up to modern tastes but also bring back some of the pride this country once had with meat. Coming from the point of view of a cook, he feels he has something to offer the customer that other butchers may have struggled with. Time will tell if his adventure will succeed.


Baker Brothers at Nottingham Food FestivalTom Herbet

In  2010  Tom  appeared  in  a  documentary  for  BBC4  called  In  Search  of  the  Perfect  Loaf.  It  took  him  the  length  and  breadth  of  the  country,  exploring  methods  of  bread  making.  In  the  same  year  he  appeared  on  Mary  Queen  of  Shops  on  BBC2.
Tom  is  a  5th  generation  baker  with  hot  bread  in  his  genes  and  with  a  proven  ability  to  share  the  good  bread  message  he  is  winning  people  over  to  the  light  side.  Fresh  out  of  baking  college,  he  won  Young  Baker  of  the  Year  with  an  ambition  to  ‘do  for  bread  what  Rick  Stein  has  done  for  fish’.  With  a  wealth  of  artisanal  nous  and  a  lively  baking  and  business  heritage,  Tom  has  gone  on  to  collect  numerous  awards.  His  family  business,  Hobbs  House  Bakery  has  won  Organic  loaf  of  the  year,  9  out  of  10  times,  and  been  featured  in  the  aforementioned  Rick  Stein’s  Food  Heroes,  as  a  Super  Food  Hero,  Henrietta  Green’s  Food  Lovers  Guide  to  Britain,  and  also  featured  in  the  Independents  top  50  food  shops.
As  a  baker,  Tom  is  passionate  about  eating,  sharing  and  making  bread.  With  his  wood  fired  oven  at  his  bakery/cafe  by  the  stream  in Nailsworth,  he  regularly  gives  talks,  demonstrations  and  bread  making  courses.  Tom  is  the  eldest  of  six  and  is  father  to  four  children,  meaning
there  is  always  something  to  report  in  his  columns.  As  a  highly  respected  and  knowledgeable  baker  Tom  has  judged  at  baking  events  across  the  world,  including  Pain,  Prosciutto,  Fantasia  in  Umbria  Italy,  as  well  as  Young  Baker  of  the  Year  in  2001.
Healing  the  hurt  caused  by  70  years  of  abominable  bread,  Tom  might  just  be  the  best  thing since sliced bread.