Fruit De Mer Restaurant

Northampton Food Festival fruit de mer restaurantAt the Fruit De Mer Restaurant at Sandringham Food Festival you will  have the opportunity to dine in the Crabstock Festivals© Ltd “Seafood & Shellfish” Pop Up Restaurant called “Crab, Stock & 2 Smoking Lobsters”, where a fantastic “Tastes of the Sea” Platter will be served up. You may also know this lovely dish as “Fruits de Mer”.

Each platter will consist of a whole crab, half a lobster, mussels, oysters, clams, whelks and prawns (all subject to availability as everything is freshly caught and not frozen), and not forgetting fresh crusty bread, a selection of dips and lemon wedges.

All of the Shellfish is chosen by Adrian and handpicked by him to make sure that the customers have the best UK shellfish, all the shellfish is caught the  fruit de mer restaurant at barleylands food festivalday before each pop up to ensure the liveliest and freshest quality, and then the prep is done with the dedication of the crabstock team, who aim to make your dining experience a very memorable one.

But where is your shellfish from?

Well all the shellfish/seafood served in our restaurant comes from UK waters direct from the fishing boats and your fishermen. All bi-valve species go though 42hrs of purification and comes with full health marks.Northampton Food Festival fruit de mer restaurantPlease note: All shellfish served will be seasonal so platters my change at each festival.

Edible brown crab: Caught in the strong clean waters off the south Devon coast, landed in Dartmouth.
Spider Crabs: Caught from Cornwall landed in Newlyn
Native Lobsters: Caught from South Devon and Cornwall, landed in Dartmouth and Newlyn.
Mussels and Oysters: Come from the tide waters of the River Teign (Teignmouth) brought to us from a father and son team.Fruit de Mer Northampton Food Festival Sat-121
Whelks (sea snails ): Caught local to Brixham, we prepare and cook these a special way to keep them tasty and succulent.
Clams / Cockles: Come from the clean waters off the Dorset coast.
Winkles: Handpicked from the rocks in Torbay.
Scallops: Locally caught and landed in Brixham.
Langoustines: Caught and brought to you from the clean waters of Scotland.

At the Fruit De Mer Restaurant at Barleylands Food Festival we will also be sourcing some seafood & shellfish from local suppliers.

Fruit De Mer restaurant at Barleylands Food Festival You will be supplied with bibs and crab picking tools, and if you want to see how to pick a crab, don’t miss the Crabstock Boys excellent demo at each event.

And please don’t worry if you don’t eat it all, as we can bag up any leftovers for you and keep them chilled until you leave the event, a top tip is to take away your shells and leftovers as you can make fantastic stocks and bisques, ask Andy on the day and he will give you any recipe tips and advice.Northampton Food Festival fruit de mer

Tickets are limited to 45 per day at the Fruit De Mer Restaurant at Barleylands Food Festival. Diners must be seated by 1.00pm on each day.

 Sea foods – beat Rick Stein’s Padstow restaurant hands down! Superb value for money! Rita Ayers

Refreshments are available on the Festival Site at various locations